MARCH Bulletin

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Deny Yourself.
Take Up Your Cross Daily.
Follow Me.

Many years ago, Jesus said these words to those who were listening to him. He said it at a time of uncertainty for Jews who were under Roman rule and wondering when their own kingdom would ever be restored to them. He said it to his followers knowing that his own journey would lead him to the cross and the resurrection.

As the season of Lent begins for this year, we are consumed by news of Covid-19 on the increase and the resignation of our Prime Minister. In the midst of all of these, as a church and as those who profess to follow Him, Jesus continues to tell us, ‘Deny Yourself. Take Up Your Cross Daily. Follow Me.’

‘Lent’ is a shortened form of the Old English word Lenten meaning “spring season”. It lasts for 40 days (Sundays excluded). The beginning of the Lent season is marked by Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday, the day after Good Friday.
It is a season of almsgiving, repentance of sins, prayer and fasting. It is a season of following Jesus’ journey to the cross and his resurrection.

Many years ago, I asked a group of young people in PJEFC what Good Friday and Easter meant to them. To my dismay, many of them honestly replied that it was just another event or another ‘normal’ day for them. It has made me ask myself since – how do we keep the significance of Good Friday and Easter as a central occasion to our faith? Does this loss of wonder have a correlation to where our faith life is with God?

As Christians around the world celebrate Lent 2020, I pray that we as individuals and as a church to seriously consider repenting of our sins, fasting, reading our Bibles and praying for ourselves and for others as part of our journey to celebrate Good Friday and Easter. May we continue to move ourselves and others ‘to the right’ as we choose to deny ourselves, take up our cross daily and follow Jesus.

Ruth Ng
Executive Pastor



March 1
THE LORD’S PRAYER (Luke 11:1-13)
Elder Tham Kong Weng

March 8
THE RICH FOOL (Luke 12:13-21)
Elder Choong Yee Fong

March 15
THE CHRIST LEARNER (Luke 14:25-35)
Pastor Ruth Ng

March 22
THE PRODIGAL GOD (Luke 15:11-23)
Tom Alexander

March 29
(Luke 19:11-27)
Siew Karlynn

Download the PDF bulletin here

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