Lent Season

Lent Season digital booklet


The coming season of lent will start on the 17th of February with the service of Ash Wednesday and will end on Easter. This season is particularly helpful for the spiritual life of the believer as it aims for us to reflect on the greatest event in history, Christ death and resurrection on the cross. To prepare us for this season, there will be a booklet that can be found on our website that will guide us through this season on a weekly basis. We encourage believers to choose one of the spiritual disciplines for the season of lent (although you can choose all 3). They are:


Fasting doesn’t just refer to food but we can choose to abstain from what keeps us away from God (gaming, alcohol etc). However it is good to choose to fast from a meal a day with the intention of using that time and resources for the other two disciplines which is prayer and giving. Another highly recommended addition to fasting is scripture reading and reflection. We encourage you to share your journey, thoughts and insights via Gnowbe.

You may join us on Gnowbe via this link.


Prayer is a fundamental cornerstone in our relationship with God. While it is good to pray as an individual, we are also called to pray together as a community. For this Lent season, join us as we meet daily for prayer, Monday – Friday, 7.00am-8.30am via zoom (this replaces the current weekday morning prayer). Let’s start each day by coming together to pray as one body, aligning ourselves to God’s will and His purposes.

CLICK HERE to join the Zoom Prayer
Meeting ID: 830 1175 4057
Passcode: 524932


Project: Bless The Front-liners, Lent 2021
In this season of Lent, one area of expressing our faith is through giving.  This lent season, PJEFC is looking to appreciate our front-liners for their services during this challenging time. We hope to target around 500 front-liners within our community.

To participate in this project to bless the front-liners, please make your donations to :

Payee: PJEFC
Bank: Public Bank Berhad
Account No.: 3206491230
Reference : Front-liners

Lent Season digital booklet

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