The school holidays are almost here!
Looking for some workout exercises for your kids at home?
Tired to them just staring at the screen the whole day without any physical activity?
Look no further! We’re organising a workout program from kids aged 7 to 12 years old, happening over two afternoons. Your kid gets to get sweaty with friends online and win prizes by representing their Sports Day House!


4 & 5 December 2021

Saturday & Sunday


3.00 PM – 5.00 PM


Online (Zoom)

Meeting details provided upon confirmation


RM 30 per child

Inclusive of Event Pack


* Indicates Breakout Room


3.00 PM Participants Sign-in*
3.15 PM Welcome & Icebreaker
3.25 PM Exercise 1: Warm-up*
3.40 PM Group Challenge: Smile for the Camera*
3.50 PM Water Break
3.55 PM Bible Sharing
4.05 PM Group Discussion*
4.10 PM Exercise 2: Sprints*
4.25 PM Individual Challenge: Scavenger Hunt
4.40 PM Group Reflection / Snack Time*
4.55 PM Closing
5.00 PM End


3.00 PM Participants Sign-in*
3.15 PM Welcome & Icebreaker
3.25 PM Exercise 1: Tilt-A-Cup*
3.40 PM Individual Challenge: Tower Building
3.50 PM Water Break
3.55 PM Bible Sharing
4.05 PM Group Discussion*
4.10 PM Exercise 2: Dance with Me!*
4.25 PM Group Challenge: MTV*
4.40 PM Group Reflection / Snack Time*
4.55 PM Closing
5.00 PM End


Payment made is non-refundable but transferable.

Make Payment

Payee: Petaling Jaya Evangelical Free Church
Bank: Public Bank
Account No: 3206-4912-30
Reference: KSC21 – child’s name (eg. KSC21 – Julie)

Upload Receipt

Upon registration, kindly upload transfer receipt as proof of payment.

Receive Confirmation

You will receive an email/phone confirmation within 3-5 working days.

Registration is now closed.

For enquiry, please contact Priscilla Lim, 017-352 8909 or email



What should I expect after registering?

One week before the camp, we will send you an email with information on your child’s grouping and instructions on how to join the event. This information and instructions will also be included in the camp pack you will receive.

What if my child can only join one of the two days?

While we strongly encourage you to join on both days, do let us know beforehand if you can only join on Saturday/Sunday. You can include that at the end of the registration form. 

What are the workout exercises that will be taught to the children?

We will be teaching the children some simple exercises that can be done alone at home such as proper warm-up movements, high-knee running on the spot, star jumps and a few others. The objective of these exercises is to get them to sweat it out!

How are the exercises being taught?

The children will watch a tutorial video on the exercise movements. They will then be directed to a breakout room (of 7-8 children and 2 adult coaches) to go through the movements and practice together.

What are the challenges involved?

An element of competition is added to the workout exercises to spur the children to do their best and participate meaningfully in the programs, just like a School Sports Day! There are two kinds of challenges:

  1. Group Challenge – The children in their respective breakout rooms (groups) will be given a task related to the workout exercises to complete together. Points will be awarded according to their participation and performance. 
  2. Individual Challenge – Each group will send representatives (1-3, depending on the challenge) to participate against the children from other groups. They will be given a challenge related to the workout exercises and points will be awarded according to their placings in the challenge. 

How much space at home is required for the workout session?

An approximately 2 meter X 2 meter empty space should be sufficient for the child to do the workout exercises. Some of the workout exercises may require some extensive movements so it’s best to remove any breakables in the surrounding space of the workout area. The device should be approximately 1 meter away from the child, preferably placed on top of a table. The video should be able to capture the child from his/her waist and an arm’s length above his/her head.

Is there anything that I (as a parent) need to prepare for my children to participate?

Each child should have a device to access the Zoom meeting with a functional video. Turning on video is compulsory for all Scripture Union virtual events as part of our Child Protection Policy. For more information, do read our Virtual Event policy below.

Apart from the device, each child will be given an event pack with items that will be used for the Event Day. You can go through the event pack once you receive it and prepare them accordingly for your child just before the Event Day starts. 

Do I (the parent) need to be present throughout the event?

No, you do not need to be present throughout the event, but you are more than welcome to do so. Do help to set up the device for your child five minutes before the Event Day begins, and help him/her to log off at the end of the Event Day.

What are the items included in the event pack?

The event pack consists of one Sport House bandana, Event Day snacks, one workout equipment (to be used in one of the Workout Exercise) and information write-up regarding the Event Day.

When will I receive the event pack?

In the registration form, you can state your preferred option.

Self Collect from PJEFC – 20 November 2021 (10am-12pm)
Delivery option – The event pack will arrive at your address one week before the event.

What if I do not receive the event pack?

If you have not received your event pack by 28 November 2021, please contact the organiser so that we can make the necessary arrangements for you to receive them before the Event Day.  Therefore, please ensure that you fill in your house address correctly in the registration form to avoid any delivery delays. 

Must I have one device per child?

We encourage one child to be using one device; as we will have Breakout Room Sessions (BRS), where the kids will be divided into groups for the activities. Do make sure that they are in separate rooms to avoid audio interference and echoes.

Where separate devices are not possible, however, please let us know in advance.

What is the Virtual Event Policy by Scripture Union Semenanjung Malaysia?

  1. All online meetings and video conferences (including ‘Breakout Rooms’) may be recorded for security purposes. Recordings will be securely stored for Scripture Union Semenanjung Malaysia only.
  2.  A ‘Waiting Room’ will be used to ensure only those with parental permission or those invited to the meeting enter the video conference and to prevent one leader and one participant being alone in a meeting if they join early. 
  3. Two approved adult leaders will be present at all times in any online situation.
  4. There will be NO one-on-one video conferencing of leaders with participants at all times.
  5. Kindly name your child on the screen (video) BEFORE signing in. (Step-by-step information will be available in the instruction sheet).
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