Impact Camp

At first, I didn’t feel like attending Impact camp 2019 because I didn’t understand anything during the camp last year. I was very hesitant to sign up, but in the end, I ended up going because I lost a game to my friend from Impact Youth.

After the first session at Impact camp 2019, I still didn’t understand anything but I felt a calling, and after each day, that calling turns into curiosity and during the final night, there was an altar call, and it was then that I decided to accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. Following that I have continuously felt the presence of God. After camp I’ve continued this journey to seek God more and more by doing devotions with my friends and praying every night, My life has never been more secure in the hands of God.


I have often thought Impact Camp to be a source of fun for 4 days 3 nights. From the constant anticipation of hanging out at the campsite, to playing sports, to having midnight talks together, I easily forget the bigger picture and the goal of our camps. But on the first night, we had a session led by Pastor Yu Yong, during which he asked us to reflect on the goal of this camp. I reflected and prayed to God, hoping that He would reveal His presence to me once again at this camp. Before I knew it, my schoolmate broke down in tears, I was filled with wonder and joy after witnessing the presence of God flowing through my schoolmate. And on the last night of camp, God touched the lives of many and that experience changed my life.

Even after camp, God kept us faithful, sending us signs, which were really shocking to us. The first sign came while doing devotion with my friends. We stumbled upon and pondered over the word “cornerstone”. We spent half of the devotion session finding out the definition of this word. The next day, our worship leader for Impact youth sent the songs to our chat group to give us a heads up on what worship songs we would be singing this upcoming Saturday. The first song she chose was…Cornerstone. This would have been the first time singing this worship song in at least the past 6 months! Coincidence? I think not.

And then came the second sign. During our devotion, my friend read the verse of the day from the bible app that we used as a guide. It was taken from Matthew 5:9. After that my friend constantly recited that same verse over and over again for no specific reason. On the following Friday we came across the same verse. And this was how it happened: We had chapel for the first period of school and the pastor in charge was absent. So one of the teachers went up the stage saying how he wasn’t sure on what to share about, so he read what he felt would be meaningful to us. And yet again not so coincidentally, he read Matthew chapter 5! Out of all the books and chapters he could have picked from, he read that specific chapter. These are just some of the signs that we are experiencing. Thanks and glory be to God for revealing Himself to us!

Nepal Mission Experience & Reflections

I was present for the Nepal mission trip organized by PJEFC for the period 18th May to 26th May 2019. What I experienced was a good bonding time with my fellow church mates in a tight setting where we stayed and travelled together. It has been a long time since I experienced such community life as in this trip.
Nepal is a great country with many mountains. The top experiences for this short “vision” trip was the bus rides, both in the city where we stayed briefly in as a base and in the outskirts where we did our short hike. (Some of us almost thought we were gonna die!) The 3 days-2 nights hike was experiential and hard to put in words. It was my first time backpacking, hiking across fields and hiking up and down mountainous road. Talking to local Nepali villagers and interacting with them was a good experience, especially one moment in Ramechhap district where we were blessed enough to pass out Gospel tracts around the village area and even attend a funeral of a local “Dalai” at a Tamang village. It was a huge community event where most of the villagers gather at and we were treated very well as guests and even served local delicacies!

My personal highlight was praying in Malay for a local villager at the last “house visitation” of the 2nd day. A surprise for my team member Gary was that he was able to converse with them in Malay as many Nepali have been in Malaysia for work, especially in factories and restaurants. We were among friends – not so foreign after all!
A testimony to share here would be that God provides. He really does. Throughout the trip, I doubted my capability to survive (I thought I nearly died a few times) but He provided again and again. My faith in Him and in His provision for me has increased after this trip. Also, God never leaves those who leave their comfort zone (whether family, friends or careers) short handed. I came back knowing myself better and also actually came back richer – spiritually and also physically (I’m fitter!). I also came back with more USD than what I went with (due to a mistake and the Kathmandu airport preferring MYR compared to USD). Indeed, I can echo the words of all missionaries who have left everything for Christ (despite just this short one week trip!) who in the end say, “I never made a sacrifice.”

The missionaries from all the different nationalities were awesome too.. I personally want to thank our hiking guide, Chee Sung from South Korea and of course, our host and planner for the whole of this short trip – Martin from the Netherlands. It was a pleasure meeting with them and all others that are part of the good work in Nepal!


Nepal. This was an interesting and unforgettable experience. Unforgettable partly because it is my first ‘real’ mission trip overseas and away from the comfort and familiarity of home. It was nice to meet people of different backgrounds and cultures: Nepalese (of course!), Dutch, South American, Korean, German, Canadian, etc. These were mostly from a local mission organization. I was encouraged by their commitment and obedience to the Lord in bringing the Gospel to an unreached people group.

When the plane flew over and landed in Kathmandu, I immediately noticed the few scattered lights across the capital city and its surroundings. The city was very dark as electricity was scarce. Similarly, clean water was also scarce, and sanitation is not the best in Nepal. It was a ride of our lives as we travelled from the airport to the meeting point. The roads were in a terrible condition (think of a muddy trail), the air was dusty and polluted, and people were haphazardly crossing the streets whilst paying no attention to oncoming vehicles. Truly a unique experience.

Throughout our week’s stay in Nepal, we were exposed to various ministries but the one activity that stood out for me was trekking in the mountains. Essentially, we were tasked to share the Gospel, by word and distribution of tracts with the villagers who were staying deep in the mountains. This district, Ramechap was about 4 hours away from the city centre. I was paired with Aryan, a guy from the Netherlands, and was amazed by his fluency in Nepalese. Most of the time, Aryan shared the gospel to the villagers while I stood beside and smiled, at the same time praying that God would open the hearts of the people to his message. It was a little disheartening at first, not being able to communicate with the locals except with greetings of “Namaste!” and “Dhanyabad!”. Yet I was glad that the villagers were receptive and accepted our gospel tracts. It is my prayer that as we sow these seeds in faith, God will bring it to fruition in His time. The hike was filled with a mixture of surprise, joy, frustration and somber reflection. Surprise because in the midst of a largely Hindu community we met a Christian family! Joy because most of the villagers were receptive to us. Frustration because the villages were scattered far apart and many a times the hike was unproductive. Finally, somber reflection because it is here where the reality of people not having heard of Jesus Christ at all hits home.

Besides the trek, there was also a day of prayer and worship where everyone from the various mission groups returned to the centre for a time of prayer, worship, and fasting. Gathering in a hall together with people from various tongues to sing songs of worship and adoration to God and about God (and not about ourselves) was refreshing and meaningful, which is something I have not felt for some time. In hindsight, I am reminded of Paul’s words in Phil 2:10-11, “so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”.

Concluding thoughts:
1. I thank God for this exposure, for a safe trip there and back, and enabling me to meet many committed Christians who suffer for the Gospel rather than choosing a comfortable life. This is challenging, and not many can embrace it.
2. I thank God for opening my eyes to see the work done in the lives of the Nepalese community through the local mission organization. Yet much more needs to be done. Let us support according to the grace God gives: missions, prayer, finance, etc.
3. I thank God that if anything, this trip has caused me to be (very) appreciative of the life that we have in Malaysia. Complain less.

Soli deo Gloria!


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