January Sharing

I really do enjoy the stuff in Kidz Camp, there are games, breakfast and lunch. And Ee-ren was the one who invited me. We had lots of activity. I wish next time in 2020 I can come again and will learn more about Jesus. I hope my friends will come next year too.

Dong Sheng

I learned to always trust God in everything and also to work together during any activities.


MORE SHARINGS on Kidz Camp coming in the February bulletin!

We (Nepalese) felt very blessed that God has given us an opportunity to attend a gathering to glorify Him. Many thanks to PJEFC for the kindness to the Nepalese Ministry. We felt privileged to have such engagement and also felt the warm environment of families gathering together. From the start, we printed out flyers so we could reach out to others to invite them to come for our event. The day of the event was interrupted by heavy rain but thank God we still got a good number of people that came. Many thanks to the management who brought comfort to us in every aspect (technically, material, financially, etc.) Thank you to all the helpers who gave us gifts. We are encouraged and pleased with your involvement in the ministry. Above all these things, thank you PJEFC for including Nepali Ministry as part of your ministry! Thank you very much PJEFC.


Christmas for the last 2 years has been fairly hectic and nerve wrecking, an emotional rollercoaster to say the least. Last year, I was known as the angry elder sibling ‘Jacky’ to the prodigal son, ‘Jimmy’. This year, I’ve had the opportunity of working behind the scenes of ‘What Could Go Wrong this Christmas?’. And boy, did God take that title literally to show us, cast and crew, how wrong it could go. In the days leading up to the 25th, a cast member had dengue, 3 others took turns spiking fevers, another had a bug and vomited on the day of Christmas itself.. Our scheduled worship leader also had dengue and Influenza A, pianist down with diarrhea, stage manager had Influenza A, sound and visual crew members were also down with fever. Many were heavily medicated on the day itself. Even our speaker Ps Jeremy was also recovering from sickness. All we could do was trust God to sustain us through. And He was faithful indeed. Although we were focused on sending a message of hope in the midst of chaos through our production, God wanted to demonstrate this to us personally as we prepared. We were encouraged to see many stepping in to fill the gaps, many persevering through their illness to serve, many praying alongside us and many showing their care and concern for us. Truly, in God, we lack nothing. With the little we have, God can multiply it for His work so long as we put our faith in Him.

Joanne Chan

I was given an opportunity to participate in the Christmas 2019 production. Despite having many responsibilities at Impact and having travel plans that would render me unavailable for rehearsal, the director still encouraged me to get involved. I was very hesitant at first because I was worried that I couldn’t cope with my commitments. Eventually, I trusted in God, and committed to my role as Ethan. Initially, I felt discouraged and frustrated during the practices as I was always exhausted and had great difficulty memorising my lines. As the day of the event approached, I realised that God had been guiding me through this one step at a time. With God’s guidance, as well as training from the directors, I managed to pull through. I really had so much fun acting on stage despite being sick, and because I was acting, my friends attended the Christmas service. I also developed closer friendships with church members outside of my age group. I’m really thankful to have been able to serve through acting. I never thought that God would use me as an agent of change in this capacity – via acting.

Tee Wei Li

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