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“Discipleship is to be the
single dominant culture of PJEFC”

That was what our leaders agreed on at our retreat. And yes, discipleship shall be taken seriously as our Mission Statement is “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations…” (Matt 28:19). Based on this command, we shall anchor the meaning of discipleship in all our ministries.

Disciples of Christmaking more disciples of Christ – that’s our goal!

So who is a disciple of Christ?

How does this culture of discipleship look like?

The call to discipleship is a call to have a relationship with Jesus.
At the root of it, this call to discipleship is a call to be with Jesus. “Come, follow me,” Jesus invited the brothers, Simon and Andrew (Matt 4:18-20); and Levi (Mk 2:14). This call is an invitation, not a program nor a burden but to be with in constant contact and communication with someone. It’s a call to have an actual relationship.

Within the management of an organisation or with fashion gurus, we can blindly follow their ideas, teachings or methods without making an effort to understand the gurus themselves. However, that can never be the way for us followers of Christ. As a Christian disciple, it is more than just strictly following His teachings or obeying a set of rules. At the centre of our lives, it is a lifelong process to have a personal and intimate walk with Jesus.

Let us look at discipleship this way: when God first created us in the beginning, it was God’s intention that humans live in the garden of Eden to be together with Him. Sin was what made humans be separated with God, driving them further away. Nevertheless, God never gave up on us. He sent His only Son, Jesus to die for us on that cross at a great cost in order for us to be reunited with Him and build that relationship again. Discipleship is the outworking of that restored relationship. The call to discipleship is therefore, a call to this relationship with Christ.

It is a relationship built on love.
Every healthy relationship is well-nurtured. Just like with Jesus, it is a healthy and loving relationship. To be a disciple of Jesus is to love him wholeheartedly as the love of Jesus for His people is immeasurable. We love to be with Him, because of who He is, what He has done for us and for what He continues to do for us everyday. So we love to spend time with our Master, with His Word and with other disciples in the body of Christ. In doing so, we will become more and more like Him. We ‘are being transformed into His (Christ) image” (2 Corinthians 3:18). We see the world just like Jesus sees it. We can begin at home, where husbands and wives exhort one another to love Jesus; parents or grandparents bring up their children to have a relationship with Jesus. Now just imagine what impact it would have, not just on our families but also our community, if we are living out such radical lives?

Often, discipleship begins in smaller groups, such as in our families, in our CG or ministry groups. Ps Jeremy, together with his dedicated team, will champion this discipleship culture across all ministries, especially in teaching new believers. Driving this movement is the principle of “Think Big, Build Deep, Start Small”. For example, our 3-2-1 process which started 3 years ago will gain traction in 2019. Essentially, 3 people (a mentor and two mentees) meet for 2 hours, once a month. The process lasts 2 years, and the mentees will eventually become mentors to two others, and the cycle continues.

Challenge for 2019 – Fruitfulness
This is my challenge to us for 2019. Fruitfulness is a sure outcome of this loving relationship. Jesus would not be happy with little or no fruit, and neither should we. Using an illustration from a durian farmer, the speaker at our retreat said, “The farmer will be most disappointed if his tree bears only 1 mau sang wong”. Jesus says in John 15:8 “This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples.” In Jesus’ parable, the seed that fell on good soil bears a crop –100, 60 or 30 times. Who is this seed on good soil? It is a someone who hears the words of Jesus and understands it (Mt 13:23). “If you abide in my Word, you are truly my disciples” (John 8:31). Disciples are called to a life of fruitfulness.

“Lord, create in me a deep desire to love my Master and abide in His Word. Make me a passionate fruit-bearing disciple, in my home, in my church and in my community”.

Chow Chee Yan
Elder Chairman


Elder Chee Yan starts the year (6th January) with a message on
Discipleship & fruitfulness.
The audio sermon will be available at www.pjefc.org


Pulpit Series
The Cost of Discipleship

Building a culture of discipleship is a huge task. It is not the idea of one or two leaders, but it is a culture that we, as members of PJEFC, need to embrace together. It has been the church’s vision for the many years but due to the leadership changes we experienced, the vision and culture building has been put on hold. As we ‘reboot’, Jesus says that we need to count the cost. What better way than to take a look at him and his disciples? Pastor Jeremy, the fruit of faithful discipleship, kickstarts this series by focusing on Jesus, the disciple maker. Then, we will take a look at a few disciples and be inspired by their submissive hearts, empathize with their struggles, emulate their fervour, and ultimately make a choice: Will I be a disciple?

13 January – Jesus the Disciple Maker, Pastor Jeremy Lim

20 January – The Disciples: Mary & Martha, Pastor Tan Yu Yong

27 January – The Disciples: Peter, Lawrence Tong

3 February – The Disciples: Barnabas, Pastor Melissa Chan


Access previous sermons via streaming, podcast or download on our Sermons page.

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