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2020 is finally here! There is something refreshing about new beginning. It is a time of looking backward, giving thanks unto God for His faithfulness, and looking forth to another year of experiencing Him. My prayer for you in this new year is that you will resolve to please the Lord – “so, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Cor 10:31). As for the church, we strive to glorify God by making more and more disciples. Our aim and prayer is that 200 people will be won and nurtured for Christ in the next 5 years! It is every believer’s wonderful responsibility to participate in the Great Commission work, and I trust that if we are all committed to this, we will be able to achieve this faith goal.

Here, I’d like to introduce a simple metaphor, the trellis and the vine, to help us to think strategically about church ministry. A trellis, of course, is a structure used to hold up or support the vine. In this metaphor, it refers to the structural side of ministry such as administration, organisation, finance, and programs. The vine represents disciple-making work such as teaching, training, prayer, one-to-one discipleship, etc. On a side note, that is why the bulletin is now called The Vine Press.

The trellises exist to support the growth of the vine. In order to have “discipleship” as the dominant culture of PJEFC, we must make a conscious shift away from merely erecting and maintaining trellises, and towards growing people to be disciple-making disciples of Christ. Growing the vine should be the normal agenda and priority of every church ministry and every disciple.

In the upcoming sermon series, The Disciple-Making Church, we wish to communicate with you on the biblical convictions of discipleship – the why, how, what, who, where and when of disciple-making. To summarize, we make disciples because God’s goal for the whole world is to glorify His beloved Son in the midst of the people He has redeemed (cf. Rev 7). God is now putting this plan into effect, by rescuing people out of the “domain of darkness” into the “kingdom of his Son” through Christ’s work on the Cross. And the redeemed are continuously sanctified to be more like Jesus. Without going into too much details, one of the key concepts that you will learn is that disciples are made through the “4P & 4E” ministry – disciples are made by the Persevering Proclamation of the Word of God by the People of God in Prayerful Dependence on the Holy Spirit, and the steps that facilitate the 4P ministry are Engage, Evangelise, Establish and Equip. All of these can be represented by the diagram below.

I pray that the Great Commission will be the focus of your life. Disciple-making is for every believer, not just the pastors, elders, or staff. We are all commanded to be involved in helping to reach the world for Christ. Each of us has an important, God given role to play in helping to fulfill the Great Commission. So, let 2020 be a year that we resolve to be pleasing to the Lord by being a disciple-making disciple of Christ!

Ps Jeremy Lim
Pastor, < 45 ministry and Missions

05 JAN
Pastor Jeremy Lim

12 JAN
Pastor Alexa Ho

19 JAN
Pastor Tan Yu Yong

26 JAN
Pastor Melissa Chan

02 FEB
Pastor Jeremy Lim

Download the PDF bulletin here

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