February Sharing

I would like to express sincere appreciation to the church for all the support, be it moral or financial, that we have received after the passing of my late husband, Pr Alfred R. Tais.

I would also like to express gratitude to the church for letting us use the main sanctuary, along with its facilities, to host my late husband’s wake service.

My children and I are deeply encouraged by all the blessings the Lord has provided us through the church.

Yours Truly,
Esteala Dani


IMPACT YOUTH – Kem Tahanan
This was my second Kem Tahanan. It was something I was really looking forward to as I have enjoyed the previous one. This year, we had a mixture of sessions and bonding activities such as hiking and hanging about at the pool with each other. Kem Tahanan is a time where the committee prepare ourselves for the coming year. Before this year’s camp, I thought I would be keeping my present position, events and outreach. However I was challenged to take on the role of president! Initially I was shocked as I had never even considered this role (or even vice-president for that matter.) Furthermore, the role of president is huge. But throughout the camp, we learned skills such as event planning, camp planning, public speaking and also how to grow in our relationship with God. As president, I hope that Impact will be a place that all youths can call home and that it will be a safe space for them. I hope that all impactors will grow closer with each other and build a deeper relationship with God throughout this year. May God bless you all

Samuel Kong, Impact President 2019

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