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Kidz camp is so fun. I like the food, games, and my group leaders so much. I learned so many things like to never give up, love one another, help others, and most importantly winning is all about the attitude. I met a lot of new friends during the camp. I also learned about Jesus and we should surrender our fear and worries to Him. I felt happy because I also got a chance to become a best camper in Kidz Camp 2019.
Ethaneal Allen Alfred

This is my second time working as a group leader in Kidz Camp. I was one of 4 group leaders in my team and we had 20 children to care for. 3 boys in my group were extremely active and disruptive. I noted that while they fought a lot, they were drawn to each other like bees to honey. I could not separate them to maintain order in the group. On day 2, the spiritual warfare was strong and my thoughts were negative, “I think I have the worst boys in the whole camp. I’m not sure I can manage these boys. Lord, I wish there was a man in the group. Why, Lord?” As I prayed, I heard the Lord tell me that He put them together for THEM. He did it for THEM because they needed each other and He put them in this group because we can do this with His strength. It wasn’t about how well things looked on the outside and how orderly the children were but what God was doing in the inside of the children and in my heart. How humbled I was to hear that response and how mighty the Lord’s love, care and plans are for His people.

For 9 hours, 3 days in Kidz camp – you’ll get to be with the future. The future generation. Getting to know them, being a part of their world and working through the cheers, games and most of all, being able to worship and share God’s love with them. You get to understand why God said “Let the little children come to me…” and why the kingdom of heaven belongs to them. They are so precious and they need good role models. They need to know that God loves them and made them for a purpose. It was amazing seeing their open hearts and the way they receive God’s word.

It is truly a privileged to see how the Holy Spirit convicts and how intergenerational we can be at Kidz camp. Intergenerational because each generation has something to share, a part to play in God’s great masterplan. Be it a group leader, at worship, food and beverage or praying alongside the team. I loved how the young people are at their element and the children love them.

In truth, every day was 12 hours if you count the preparation and debriefs we had to do daily. But in the end, it’s not about us and what we did. It’s about what God can do. Kidz Camp doesn’t end in 3 days if God chooses to lead you further in His plans. Some of the relationships and doors opened up continue even after Kidz Camp ends and our pilgrimage continues.

For me, I am looking forward to seeing familiar and new faces next year, to see how some of them have grown both physically and spiritually. Amen and Amen.
Tan Ee Laine


I only accepted Christ into my life in 2015. However, I did not join any CG nor attend any Alpha course. Early 2018, I started to join Alpha CG. This year, together with two close friends, we took Lee Lai Seong’s advise to join. We had been reading the Bible under her guidance since early 2019. I thought I knew what the course was about but its impact was far more than what I expected. Not only did it strengthened my faith, it made me feel much closer to Jesus. The weekend away gave me the opportunity to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit amongst us. I have also learned the importance of having a better relationship with God and to be more Christ-like in life. It is truly a course that gives me a whole new look at myself as a Christian. I’m so grateful to all who put in so much effort to make it a success every year.
Sandy Pang

I have been attending PJEFC since 2016. I was invited by Lai Seong to attend the Alpha Tea in September and thereafter followed by the Alpha weeks. Alpha introduced me to Jesus and Christianity in the most convincing ways with facts and evidence from the Holy Bible. The videos and the sharing sessions of members of Alpha each week brought me to embrace a committed faith to God. Knowing Jesus through Alpha weeks has given me a fresh meaning of life: Hope, Joy, Peacefulness and a special link of the Holy Spirit to me. It is so amazing that I can feel the real encounter of Holy Spirit in me during the session of Alpha weekend. Jesus is my God, my Saviour, my guide and my inspirations of life now.
Lee Tsock Wah


I felt that the Alpha Course is great for both long time Christians as well as new or non-believers. It’s structured in such a way where it can be digested easily by everyone and it doesn’t feel like Christianity is forcing its way into you.

As a community, you get to hear unique and raw opinions, which open doors for discussions on said topics in each session. As a Christian, this allows me to gain insight on what and how non-believers would think about Christianity. It also makes a great bonding time after each session through food and activities.

I certainly believe Alpha Course would be the go-to method to invite people into church and hearing the Word.
Joshua Tan

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