Bina Yeoh

Daughters & Sons Centre was first established in 2013 with the primary intention of providing a holistic early childhood learning environment for my two children We have since come a long way, growing from a humble centre to two full fledged preschools today At Daughters & Sons, we cater to children from the age of 18 months to 6 years old.

We believe children learn best through real life experiences This is driven by their innate curiosity and need to explore Building on these traits, children are encouraged to learn by doing adapting as they interact with their environment Through age appropriate project based learning, children thrive and develop skills as they make sense and connections with the larger world.

The children at Daughters & Sons learn through fun and play in real world settings that provide a positive and active learning environment They look forward to the field trips we plan, which have been proven to be effective learning platforms The children are able to obtain hands on experience and be actively involved as they engage with content through a variety of methods.

Apart from that, the children engage in activities that enhance their oratory and reading skills, which build up their confidence and self esteem Not forgetting the importance of stimulating sensory processing, all children will also regularly partake in sensory integration physical activities.

Warmest regards, Bina Yeoh (Founder Principal)

• Toddler – 18 mths 3 yrs old

• Preschool – 4 yrs 6 yrs

For enrolment information, please contact Ms Bina 017-575 6666