December Sharing

This is not a testimonial. This is a divine intervention. I had no plans to invest time in knowing Jesus, let alone signing up for the Men’s Breakthrough Weekend. It’s not that I don’t want to know Jesus, it is that I didn’t think it is my priority at this point of time, a young man full of energy with razor focus on building my career and my own less than a year old family. Little did I know, God had a plan to slot me in, because he knew I needed it.

Through the weekend, I discovered problems I did not know existed, and learned to forgive myself so that I could pray to the Lord, something I felt I didn’t have the right to do with my sinful nature. I thought I was special, specially sinfully, but realised with the honest men in the room that i wasn’t, and we were all as broken seeking forgiveness from God. This gave me hope, and now I realised, I could pray, not just for myself but to lead my wife into prayer as well.

I am hopeful that with the power of the prayer, I am able to conquer problems I could not solve by myself. I am no longer alone, thanks to MBW. I am grateful to have a Christian family who doesn’t judge me at PJEFC. Thank you on behalf of my family and I.

Christopher Tock


“How to hear from God?”
1. Put a question in your mind and be still;
2. Visualise being with Jesus, that He’s sitting next to you;
3. Wait, with an expectant spirit, etc..

Amongst the interesting and personal sharing by the organising committee, one shared the above guide to hearing from Jesus. We were then given 45 minutes to practise it. Even though I thought it was just another exercise and not expecting much, I came up quickly with a question – “Jesus, after EIP, what’s next?” The next 2 steps were quite painstaking – because of my wondering mind, because I’m such a doer. “Be still” and “wait” are definitely not my strengths.

Nonetheless, amidst the intermittent wondering of my mind, I finally managed to picture Jesus sitting next to me, then I see myself leaning on His shoulder. At that moment, my heart leapt, it felt so light; that feeling is not something I have ever experienced. That indescribable uplifting of the Holy Spirit!!

But it is also at that moment the organiser was starting to wrap up the session. I was trying to hang on to that joy and just before it went off, I heard vividly, “Spend time with me.”

Yes Lord, what You require of me next is not an action. It’s my time, time with You, to wait upon You, to refocus, to be renewed, refreshed, recalibrated, realigned.. to You.

Thank you Lord for allowing me to hear You.

Also, most heartfelt thanks to all who are involved in making this “Date” happen.

Rachel Tsan

[9-10 NOV]

Tweens Alive (TA) Sleepover was my first ever sleep over in church! As part of the program, I attended Impact Youth on Saturday afternoon. Over there, I learned about family relationships. I learned that we should not be too addicted to our mobile devices. We should not shut our loved ones out. At night, we had a BBQ dinner cooked by TA teachers. I had a lot of fun and I hope I can join the next sleepover.

Micah Ng, Age 11

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