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M.A.D. Carnival Mid-Autumn Merdeka

800 people.

200 guests.

180 children from various orphanages.

200 volunteers.

RM10500 raised for Praise Emmanuel Homes, House of Joy and El Shaddai.

Those were the figures for last year’s M.A.D. Carnival: Lantern Festival, when the English and Chinese congregations came together to introduce and contextualise the gospel to our family, friends and surrounding community in a non-threatening manner. We thank God for the opportunity to share the gospel by way of connecting it to the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival stories.

This year, we want to ride on the effort started last year and go further by combining it with a Merdeka/Love Malaysia message. That’s why we are having our carnival on the 31st August. Come join us but don’t come alone yah! Buy a ticket, and bring your friends. And when you’re here, we count on you to host our guests, and connect with them in spiritual conversations. Let us not be weary in sowing seeds of Christ’s love to every hearts we meet.

We have also embarked on the new pulpit series on Judges. This book tells the story of men and women of valour and their call by God to be deliverers of God’s people trapped in this cycle of decline and renewal. Not unlike the infamous fantasy drama tv stories Game of Thrones, Judges depicts idolatry, power struggle, and ‘each did what was right in their own eyes’ (Judges 21.25).

Each time they experienced peace for the land, they did not capitalize the peace to disciple and build their next generation to ‘not forget the Lord’. This underscores the often neglected aspect of making disciples (ie the intentional ‘passing down’ of our discipleship’s convictions and culture to the next generation); and while we don’t import wholesale specific accounts ladened with cultural contexts and weave it into a timeless worldview, we would be foolish to not take to heart the warnings of how even people who declare belief in God can be swayed by distractions and known more for their unfaithfulness.

God intended for the Israelites to change the way the Canaanites lived but the reverse happened. Today, we can also see evidence of the ‘Canaanization’ of the Church everywhere, well disguised deep inside our local congregations, in our mission fields, and within our outreach programs. Judges cautions us to be open to search our souls for missteps and moral compromises that may start with the loss of our first love for God. Like my wise friend once said “When we stop fearing the Lord in a healthy sense, we begin to lose all that is of value. The first step is to admit our inherent weakness and hold ourselves accountable.” And today is the call to do so, for He is faithful to reform our ways of living to be in step with His desire to form ‘a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that we may declare the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into His wonderful light’ (1 Peter 2.9)



Faulty Heroes, Faithless People, Faithful God


4 August : EHUD (Youth Sunday) – Eugene Loh
11 August :DEBORAH & BARAK – Pastor Alexa Ho
18 August : GIDEON – Pastor Chin Choon Meow
25 August : ABIMELECH – Pastor Dicky Wong


4 August : Surely He Bore Our Suffering  (Isaiah 53:4-5) – Dr Tan Nget Hong
11 August : The Beatitudes (2) (Matthew 5:1-12) – Pr James Yong
18 August : Fellow Workers – Be United) (Philippines 4:1-5) – Rev. Wong Kheang Wook
25 August : His Second Coming (2 Timothy 4:6-8) – Dr Tan Nget Hong

DOWNLOAD THE PDF bulletin here

Access previous sermons via streaming, podcast or download on our Sermons page.

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