In our endeavor to reach out to the Heritage School students, PJEFC introduced sports coaching via basketball and table tennis since April 2018. The coaches do not only impart sports skills per se, but also serve as mentors and guides in coaching students the importance of teamwork, leadership, self-discipline and inculcation of good life habits. Below is one testimony of how one coach can make a difference in the lives of a student.

“Coach Henry is the Heritage School’s basketball coach who has taken charge of our training since last year. Ever since then basketball training has inspired many students to start playing basketball and get more interested in learning more about the game. The way he coaches is special- he gives input in ways we can improve as a team and as a basketball player; but more than that, he input in ways we can improve as a person, helping us with our discipline and everyday life. The training we get is training for a better lifestyle, learning how to balance discipline and basketball. The basketball team has been improving. As a team, we have participated in a few small tournaments and friendly matches, giving the team more opportunities to be exposed to new activities, and to put into practice all that he has taught us as a team. Heritage’s basketball team is thankful that PJEFC could help us find a coach like Coach Henry.”

Tee Wei Li
(Year 10)

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