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Loving Our Church Together

A quick survey through the New Testament will reveal to us that Jesus loves His Church. He died for it, prays for it, lives for it, and he will return to redeem it. But let’s be honest: It is easy to love Jesus, but loving His bride is another story. Some of us love our church, some of us are not so positive, and for many of us, our feelings can change from week to week.

Like any other churches, PJEFC is not perfect. We are all broken in one sense or another, and this brokenness can lead to messiness and hurt. We get frustrated because of conflicts with one another. Some grew disappointed with the leadership’s decisions and actions. And some are burning out from ministry burdens and complications.

PJEFC is not an ideal church, but she is beautiful because Christ died for her, sanctified her, and cleanse her, so that He might present her to Himself glorious as His bride (cf. Eph 5:27). Jesus loves the church, so we should too! Despite her imperfection, she is still beautifully transforming the lives of those around her (the community, migrants, refugees, the lost and the despairing), because Jesus is at work in the midst of the messiness.

In my case, I happen to attend, lead, and shepherd this “imperfect yet beautiful” church that I love, and I would invite you to do the same – to love and treasure this church together – and this is expressed in various ways, big and small. As the church is going through a season of change (with one of them being the change of Sunday Service timing to 9:30am starting in April) here are some practical steps that will help you to love, serve, and build one another up, Sunday by Sunday.

Before you come to church
– Plan to be your best, physically and mentally for Sunday worship service. This might mean going to bed early on Saturday.
– Read the upcoming sermon passage and pray for a receptive heart to learn from Christ.
– Contact people who haven’t been at church and tell them you are going to be there  this week and invite them to come along.

When you come to church
– Arrive early, welcome visitors and see if there are things that need doing.
· Sing loudly to encourage others to sing a-long and worship with you.
· Listen actively to the sermon and expect God to speak through the preaching.
· Remove distractions – Digital Bible App is great, but if you are constantly tempted to browse other things on your smartphone, then it might be better to use a hard-copy bible or turn on “Airplane or DND” mode on your phone.

After church
· Pray for courage to go outside your comfort zone to encourage and pray for others.
· Do what the Bible says and rejoice!
· Engage in Gospel conversation over coffee and lunch – share with others what God has shown you through the sermon and how it has impacted you.

All the practical suggestions above lead to one goal – to transform us from passive recipients or spectators to active outward-looking servants in our Sunday gatherings. This is the kind of disciple-making culture that we are aiming for! It is going to be a long-term process. If each one of us begin to act, and love our church one step at a time, then collectively, we can make a massive difference!

Remember: Jesus loves the church, so we should too!

Loving the church with you,
Pr. Jeremy Lim
Discipleship and Mission Pastor



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DOWNLOAD THE PDF bulletin here 


Access previous sermons via streaming, podcast or download on our Sermons page.

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