During difficult times, God is…….

During difficult times, God is…….
March 29, 2020
Passage: Psalm 46:1-11
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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

The Covid 19 situation continues to worsen in Malaysia and around the world. We are in a global cataclysmic event. Believers of Jesus need to heed His voice, "See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet." (Matt 24:6).

In troubled times, there is much to tempt us to fear.  Where so much around us is shaky and unstable, where nations are in turmoil, and where our hearts are disturbed, Psalm 46 gives help. It gives refuge.

In Psalm 46, we read that if we have this God as our God, we can face any cataclysmic event, without any fear. God is always there to help, providing refuge, security and peace. God's power is complete. His ultimate victory is certain. He will not fail to rescue those who put their trust in Him.

God's instructions to us in times like this is "Be still and know that I am God." May the Psalm 46 ministers to you, and move you "a step to the right".

Longing to meet you face to face.

Elder Chow Chee Yan

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