Crisis- What’s the plan?

Crisis- What’s the plan?
May 17, 2020
Passage: 2 Kings 18:1-37, 2 Kings 19:1-37
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Suffering is real, tangible, personal and specific, and I am so glad that when we go to the bible, it captures exactly that- real human experiences. The bible doesn’t avoid talking about sufferings and it never minimizes the harsh experiences of life in this broken world, so we don’t have to deny its reality. In fact, the bible is so honest about suffering and pain that it recounts stories that are so dark, often leave us without a definite answers of to why, that if they were turned into a movie, it would be a difficult watch.

Today, we are starting on new sermon series- “Walking with God in pain and suffering”. And we start by asking, what can we do when life becomes overwhelming; when we’re caught unprepared in a crisis that most likely leads to suffering?

Join us in looking at 2 Kings 18-19; and see how King Hezekiah had to deal with the national crisis during his reign. Every eye was on the king - so what was his plan?

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