Book Review – 9 Common Lies Christians Believe

9 Common Lies Christians Believe

By Shane Pruitt
212 pages, Multnomah
ISBN 9780735291577

Goodreads rating: 4.39 out of 5

Christians believe a good many things. A lot of it from the Bible, but funnily enough some things are not. Oh not important, theologically crucial stuff, but sometimes we spout lots of aphorisms or sayings we believe is true, but really isn’t. 

“Just follow your heart.”

“God just wants me to be happy.”

“Aiyah, so-and-so will never change lah…” 

“Believe in yourself!” 

Pruitt writes a book about 9 such common lies we tell ourselves, and others. But these aren’t really lies, you say. And there’s no harm in a Christian saying them anyway, they are just things we say. But this book isn’t really about lies, its about the power of the words we speak, their effects and how they are sown in the hearts of the hearers. But more importantly, the writer explains from a biblical perspective why these sayings are not entirely true and what you can say instead. Most of the time, the hearer is coming from a place of suffering or depression, and sometimes words can have a more damaging (or inversely, positive) impact that you’d think.


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